Apparitions Passion

The distant chill, of something so profound
I can feel your lips on mine, though unfound
The invisible distinction, in a kiss so stolen
In death please present yourself, as a token

Yet you mirage my passions, unseen as you
As cold as this air has turned, in me through
Your eyes remain, in imaginations glance
Knowing your somewhere, to make a stance

Grip me your spectral arm, to shiver the senses
Thus remain so unseen, in paranormal lenses
Touched me here, and somewhere else in time
Witness as the only one, to this sinister crime

I can feel your cold breathing, upon my neck
Hair stands to end as receiving, as bones click
As to the ever sake, of this apparitional love
Seas meet the darkest, of an unexplored cove

History; time so lost yet, founded in embrace
That the medium of distinction, is so in trace
To the shadows, to whence you walked there
Is now the invasion, to what I breathe of air

Wishing me to be inside, something unseen
Of unphysical properties, as the air so clean
As your scriptures, so written upon my future
Fantasy so unclear, yet fury that I can conjure

Into the tin air, that remains of your presence
Clinging to some sense, of believing essence
You were really there, and something so fair
Like this unbound grieving, of this nightmare

To which I cannot awaken, to a present day
So longing to this perpetual night, I shall stay
And be forsaken unto, your bonds of death
And so die to be part, of this living breadth

by Vision Ghost

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