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Appeal To Emilie
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Appeal To Emilie

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

I cannot read a single poem
while others will now get to know 'em
I sit here playing with my mouse
and take it all out on my spouse.
The message to Emilie sent
for nasty comments I repent
please re-instate my reading joy
I do not have a single toy
that would be able to replace
my P/H entertainment base
for daily entertainment, no,
it even beats my favourite show
on the olde tube, so would you mind
to be both quick and also kind
I cannot wait, I have no patience
and am addicted to sensations
derived from those who flaunt their stuff
here, to be read, thus it is tough
to sit here, helpless, just to stare
which is, to say the least, unfair.

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Comments (4)

I laugh when I see the date... she's come a long way has she not! ! aPPeeeeeeeeeeeealing! ! ! aroha Dxx
good to see you back with the other animals Herbert it is very frustrating when you try to explain to other people what is happening your end i'm glad you worked it all out and had a couple of vb beers to relax with at the finish of your trial, oh good poem
Computers are fun aren't they? Hope you can get right!
I hope she hurries for you Herbert! Sincerely, Mary