IDI (03/11/1989 / Ayegunle Oka Akoko South West local government Ondo state Nigeria)

'Appeal To My Only One'

Rose, I knew I have made you backslide
Underneath does your feelings metamorphosize
The caress that aggradizes daily
Now is overwhelmed with these flimsy ignorance of mine
I have acknowledged my ebbing version now do I yearn for forgiveness.

Love who else could be sent on consolidation
Since thirty thousand men with sugar mouths proved abortive
Since you left, the light you shed turned latent
Strange people with their obscenities on me
Now I thought the best part of my life breathed last.

But you and I young lovers on these leas
I thought this like dreams should not be the span of our loving days
Oh my love misled, you have given your ears to the gossips
You have taken their censure and never reserve your judgement
Oh onyx! why have you done this?

But at the bottom of my heart
Do I soliloquize maybe this could wipe the groan
Could it precariously soften your plights
What a vulnerable feelings
Love never mind my negligence, just like Ruth
My love is for you alone.

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Comments (3)

lovely poem- showing love for only one woman only good write--- anjali
A monogamus mandate that is both moving and meaningful.
One woman a smart man - they are like alcohol