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Appealing Appearance!

Your aroma intimates me,
that this is your advent,
your appearance always yells,
that you are appealing,
your face always asked me,
that this is far better then moon,
your tousling of hair says me,
that no one is more ravishing then you,
your benign nature always troubles me,
that who will be more pious that you,
your august behaviour makes me mad,
that who will be more royal than you,
your body's sleek texture question me,
that no one is more elegant than you,
your eyes black beauty kills me,
that who will better aim's than you,
your soft lips are allurable,
as I am fortune in fortunate's to kiss on it,
your hair is like black cloud,
sprinkles drops of love on me,
your shadow is like a castle,
giving shelter continuously to me.
And you are for me forever,
whom god tied up till eternity.

by vaibhav vizard

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