Appearance Does Say Little

Appearance does say little of a person a point that the judgemental seem to miss
But judgemental and discerning not related and to the judgemental ignorance is bliss
On every street more than one judgemental person and though many of us are judgemental in some way
Some are far more judgemental than others does that not seem a fair thing for to say
A well dressed person not necessarily a good person though some with that would surely disagree
A collar and tie and striped suit does not tell you anything of one at least that's how it does seem to me
You will not find many well dressed people on the sidewalks of poverty street
But amongst the homeless and the destitute honest and good people you will meet
Appearance and dress to one's character is something to that one should not apply
And why some judge others without knowing them on appearance of such one has to wonder why
'Tis a known fact that many well dressed people are heavily involved in serious crime
And for various very serious offences are in prison serving out their time
The judgemental judge you by your dress standards by your appearance and your postal address
Lets face it as it is common knowledge that some people are not at all hard to impress.

by Francis Duggan

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