Appearances Can Be Deceptive

Appearances Can Be Deceptive Its True
I Learned That From My Uncle, A Man I Thought I Knew

Hed Always A Smile, A Wave And A Wink
Not A Care In The World Or So Ud Think

But He Was Locked In A Prison In His Mind
And There Was Only 1 Escape Route He Could Find.

Though Peace For Himself Ment Grief For Us
We Still Had 2 Say Goodbye Without Makin a Fuss

We All Knew He Was Dying It Was By His Own Hand
But He Wouldnt Talk About It, To Help Us Understand

So Still We Torment Ourselves With The Question Why
Still We Wish Hed Not Wanted To Die

Appearances Can Be Deceptive, I Agree
You Just Cant Believe Everything You See! ! !

by toni dee

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very powerful are right, appearances can be very deceptive..nice work
nothing we see can all agree deception some times was not ment to see Nice Poem