Poem By Ethan Albrecht

Dark emotions run wild
Holding on for life
At the bottom of the bottle
Is where I find my bliss.

People say stay away from things that eat you up.
Why put up with the lies just to feel alive?

Go appease them
Their thoughts are all that you’ve got
They don’t like you
Poison you with false hope

Why is this happening?
I can’t stand this pain.
With all that I’ve put into this
Just to have it all pushed away.

Have you ever felt alone with everyone right there?
Find the light and fight for what you think is right.

Don’t appease them
Be happy with yourself
Why push away?
Don’t feed me any lies

Don’t appease them
Be happy with yourself
Cut all the ties
That drag you in the dirt

Comments about Appease

Some times I lay awake all night, trying to figure out if I really believe I`m as great as I am. Then at other times, I reflect how hard it is to just be me, with so much inside that I have to live up to. But, if I can not be honest with myself, I can not be honest with anyone.
A well articulated piece of poetry, insightfully penned with conviction. It takes much courage for one to be one's self at all-time. Thanks for sharing Ethan.

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