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Appetizers Laced
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Appetizers Laced

After a feast that fattened their bodies,
And dulling their minds.
They all awakened to find...
Someone demanding those times,
Would be left behind them now.

Struggling to their feet...
Some dazed,
Others amazed those days
Had actually gone.
With their cupboards depleted.
And brooms and mops left,
For them to use to sweep and clean.

As someone they never respected...
and certainly did not expect.
Showed up upon the scene.
Loudly proclaiming,
What from them is expected!
And the days ahead will be long and lean.

Jaws dropped in shock!
To learn they were asked to serve.
Or discover themselves deserted.
Since those who had fed them,
And watched them sleep...
Were treating them with doses,
Of appetizers laced with deceit and treason.
While slipping through exits.
Hoping to leave unnoticed...
Without making a sound or peep!

'The thieves have stolen the cheese.
The Provolone, Swiss and American
Lox and Bagels too! '
Announced the leader,
Of the new maintenance crew.

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