Poem Hunter
Applauded For The Doing
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Applauded For The Doing

When companies were moving,
Their production and interests overseas...
To gain higher earnings,
They were applauded for the doing.
Even by those 'downsized'.
And very few criticized these decisions made.

Gleeming towers on foreign shores,
Attest what is 'theirs'!
And never again to be 'yours'.

Today people are blaming those in politics,
For allowing themselves to be deceived and tricked.
Today people are demanding to receive their jobs back.
With a sitting back and the doing of nothing,
As they expected paychecks that were fat.

And everyone points their fingers at those who lead.
But the ones who have been conscious of this,
When times began long ago to shift...
And were ignored upon the delivering of messages,
That insisted...
'No one can have what is wished,
IF facts presented are continued to be dismissed.
And adjustments aren't made to prepare for it.'

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When the American companies moved to China, it has brought the huge economic benefits to them to the extend of saying four western years equal to one Chinese year, which means what you all, the developed nations, have achieved in last eighty years, they have achieved in just twenty years, but most of the Americans are too business and profit oriented people and they mean business wherever they go with out any concern for the hearts. sometimes they are too mean! sorry to say that but that's what people talk about Americans of old and NEW, in this part of the world.