Poem By ramesh rai

Sometime i think
if there was no apple
creation would not be completed

It is the apple
for laying foundation of human race, the begining of an era

Had Adam and Eve not ate the apple, was it possible to see
the existance of Human?

Falling of apple in Newton's garden lead him to the invention of gravitational law

It is the apple, became an unique language of computer

It is the apple
solves all disputes to initialise
as an apple of discord

Certainly, apple is a divine fruit
may give us much more in near future


Comments about Apple

I m not sure the apple that Adam and Eve ate is the same one we have nowadays...i think its different, but as i take nothing serious to not understand the beauty of your thoughts, i mean your idea is brillant voyaging time to time from past to future, and how apple subject keep making history maybe you can add, an apple a day keep doctor away (we used to hear this) .... and Apple is influential technology company now, what will be in the i think you are clever by picking this thought to be served on this table...of observation and poetry...i just yum yum!
Wonderful write....if there was no apple......Good poem...Thanks for sharing...
It's a grand write to behold.
You have much more than the nutrition value here hahaha. It is witty. I could dream about lovely apples of India by being in America. Thanks friend: -)
I enjoyed your thoughts about the apple. Nicely written. Simple and easy to follow.

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