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Apple Picking
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Apple Picking

Poem By tiyler durden

You have no idea
How I can go on
This will never stop
Until dawn

This poem will send you to sleep
Your dreams and soul I will keep
You will need to tape Razors under your eyes to stop the sleep

on and on
I steal kiddies Bon bon's
My name should be John
Or even juan

I whish I where Long
As this poem goes on
If I where Chinese
My name would be Zjion

On and on
This poem will not stop
If I where a sea animal
I would be a prawn

ON and on
This poems hits ground zero
If I where an bird
I would be a swan

on and on
This poem burns up on decent
If I where biblical I would be
The gospel according to John

on and on
This poem explodes in flames
If I where a drink
I would be a Perijnon

On and on
This poem lies dead
If I where a naughty thing
I would be frowned upon

On and on
This poem turns to dust
If I where in a alley way
I would be set upon

On and on
and on and on
This poem has nothing to do with apples
None, where upon I go on and on....

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Interesting in its own right!