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Apple Takes Flight

I saw an apple fall today
From its tree not far away,
The great limbs let out a cry
As they watched their son fly.

But this is the way things must go
Because the apple must truly know
That even an apple can grow strong
Even an apple can learn right from wrong.

Well, that apple rolled down a hill
For a long time not growing still
Until it found a trench in which to rest,
Took to the soil that would support it best.

This is the way that things must be
Though an apple, too, must pay a fee
But for awhile it can ignore its debt
As it places everything on a single bet.

That apple soon grew into a tall tree,
It stretched its limbs and looked over the sea
And realized it could not be content
If it couldn’t take the clouds hint.

But this is the way that things must run
Because not every battle started can be won
Though it can still be fought until the end
All have the right to their dreams defend.

That tree soon grew withered and old
And one winter day its roots took to the cold
Then with a great heave it fell to the earth
Look, how the great tree has lost its mirth

But this is the way that things must go
Because even a great tree must truly know
That even a great tree can grow withered with age
Even a great life can be reduced to a page.

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I think this is one of my my favorite older poems of yours. I don't know why exactly... I just really really like it.