It Has Been Seventeen Years

It has been seventeen years
Since that dreadful morning
Thousands lost their lives unexpectedly
Hearts are still grieving
The events that took place on that day
Sadly presented turmoil and corruption
The entire universe shook badly
As we witnessed the confusion and frustration
As planes crashed
And buildings started to fall
Everyone watched in horror
As our backs were against the wall
A sullen mood sadly appeared
Many people cried lots of tears
Such acrimony and melancholy still lingers
After all of these years

by Ronell Warren Alman

Comments (25)

A lovely sweet poem..A joy to read..😍10+++++++
peaceful! beautiful poem! !
The fruit of life is with true love. Nice work.
Such a lovely little poem!
A very sweet and cheerful poem, lovingly said to a child.
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