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Apples, Eia, Eia, Ooh
SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

Apples, Eia, Eia, Ooh

Sir Isaac Newton ate an apple
Eia, eia oh
The apple was yummy, yummy
it filled his tummy
Eia, eia oh
Sir Isaac Newton said with all certainty
The apple fell because of nature force
He called it the earth gravity
Eia, eia oh
Adam and Eve walked in the garden
They ate an apple from the tree
Eia, eia oh
What happened after that
it is for me and you to wonder
think, ponder and inquire
Eia, eia oh
Robin Hood shot the apple
Straight with an arrow
Eia, eia oh
He stole from the rich
and gave to the poor
He felt no sorrow or pity
His exploits were legendary
Eia, eia oh
Robin Hood stories always told
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Some admire and others abhor
Eia, eia oh
Dr. Jolly Bean of Sweden
Gave his patients advice
Eating an apple a day
Will make you happy
and keep the sickness away
Eia, eia oh
Old granny cooked apples
She made hot cider drink
and gave it to snowman
Eia, eia oh

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I love how this poem is with the thought of a apple very unique thank you for sharing Please when you have time read ALL MY LIFE and IMAGE thank you and God bless! !