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Appleyard Mystery
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Appleyard Mystery

It had started out a peaceful day
In early June.What a lazy Sunday!
You were quite silent, and filled with dismay;
But, what did the preacher say?

It was golden, and late in the sunrise,
And birds swept southern skies,
In the season of the butterflies.
Did you look him in the eyes?

The wind whispered of tragedy,
Like black water, never to be free;
And eerie stillness was the only
Other hint if what had come to be.

It occurred in heat of bittersweet June,
Sometime just before the noon,
In the shadows beyond Appleyard Lagoon,
Where the wilder blooms are strewn!

It was June, and a black Sunday;
Deacon Williams began to pray.
Sometimes trouble has its way;
And what did the preacher say?

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Comments (9)

The mystery of life is unanswerable. A poem that held me spellbound until the end.
Indeed there is an undercurrent of significance of this poem that's not immediately apparent. You have wittingly left readers with an enigma to ponder. A brilliant work of art. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.
I wonder if the Black Sunday refers to dust bowl event or the sinking of Carolina ship in world war 1. That will explain the thought of the poem more. I just had to search internet for this reference.
Beautiful Poem! The repetition " And what did the preacher say? " brings out the mysterious aspect of the poem. The words - June, Tragedy, eerie stillness - create the atmosphere of an uncanny incident!
" Bittersweet" ! ! Sometimes trouble has its way. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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