Poem Hunter
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


One foot to place.
To move forward another.
Will take some to practice.
Unfamiliar with a taking of steps,
With a letting go to leave doubts behind.

Of course this doing can frighten,
Anyone unaccustomed...
With a taking initiative and how it works.
For some this is done by others.
In many places,
Where people like this are regarded as fools.

Late bloomers discover and not too soon.
That determination motivates application.
If wants to wish,
For their dreams to come true.
And once it is decided,
Nothing will stand in their way.
Suddenly it becomes realized,
They chose to obey excuses made.

Still there will be others finding,
As much time as possible...
Looking for reasons to procrastinate.
Done to apply undeniable exhaustion.
And this effort to approve the doing of it.
To convince themselves endeavors are made.
Then with this wanting to have,
Someone to witness...
Who will validate their progress.

"I told you.
But you didn't believe I could do it."

-I am so proud of you.
You are actually off the couch.
Let's try to move towards the door.-

Then what?
OPEN IT? ? "

I'LL be here.-

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