Poem Hunter
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


A felt appreciation to express,
Has more value...
Than that which one possesses.
And is much more impressive.
With it done to remain,
Unexpectedly effective.

Too many leave it to assume,
A doing one does for others to do...
Is an attempt for an attention,
From them to get that is personally pursued.
Until that day comes when it is discovered,
One who does for others...
Begins to notice being taken for granted.

Who in their right mind does this to feel used?
To have others believe,
They have dreams of being abused.
Or feel their efforts to endeavor entertains to amuse.
I know I don't.

Stepping away to have no regrets,
Is the best thing one in this position can do.
Especially if one notices an expressed appreciation,
Can be forgotten to expect.
Or on the minds of those who had been shown,
An interest...
To assume from them one wishes attention to get.

'They only showed us interest,
Because 'they' wanted the attention.'

~Yeah, you are right.
And perhaps that is why,
They never mentioned to you...
Their acquired fame and success.
To not bring that up or address it.~

'Fame? Success?
They live in the same neighborhood I do.'

What? ~

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