Apprehend The Highest And Most Perfect Truth

Poem By Genova Maaa my mother

God is the source of all Reality
Truth and Life itself.
God is pure actuality.

Apprehend the highest and most
perfect truth in a supernatural
intuition born of love.

We have a free will capable
of turning all the powers of being
either toward that truth
or away from it.

It is a spiritual self-discovery.

One who plunges deep into
the spiritual quest and
take personal ascetic steps
is sure to achieve the joys of
the nearness of the loving God.

Comments about Apprehend The Highest And Most Perfect Truth

God is the basis of all existence, realism and natural life itself. Accept the ultimate and most flawless veracity in a mystical instinct born of pure love. Each human being has the gift of free will which is skilful at turning all of the abilities of consciousness which we possess towards the truth or away from it. It is a sacred journey of ascetic exploration. The person who becomes immersed in the metaphysical journey and proceeds to take unique, individual strides is certain to attain the happiness of the familiarity and intimacy of a most loving and kind God.

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