School Is Not So Cool

School, School, School,
A school is not so cool
We're here 5 days a week
8 hours a day.
School, School, School,
A school is not so cool.
People laugh when we fall
we just have to make a call.
School, School, School
A school is not so cool.
We have to work hard to get good grades
I'm not going to do it no more
I do it everyday.
We cant go on the grass
We cant bother another class
We cant save spots at lunch
We have to go as a bunch.
We have 3 minutes in the hall
I'm always late what a ball.
We have to pay attention
if not we get detention.
School, School, School,
A school is not so cool.
They have to many rules
they play us as fools
if we get A's
the parents jump Hip Hip Hooray.
If we get F's
we tell them we need to take a rest.
We always have homework
we never have classwork
they have to many rules
they need to take it cool.
School, School, School,
A school is so not cool!

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Life will be beautiful when our heart is beautiful and innocent like a child...Good write
When the essence of virtue, reality and splendour, illumination, being, devotion and fidelity are understood by the heart, whether the heart is of a lover, a creative person or a saint, the perception can only be appropriately voiced through an animated, beautiful aesthetic construction. What a most beautiful graphic accompanies this equally beautiful poem! The beauty and light, innocence and purity are reflected in both the inner self of the child and cat. An excellent choice to complement this outstanding write which gives an insight into the way in which the mystic may express/communicate what he/she experiences on his/her mystical journey. A very perceptive write which I so enjoyed reading. Excellently sculpted, I bow to your creativity, dearest Tonyyyyy. This poem is an ace of artistic expression, a true delight to read and savour. Thank you for sharing...