Apprehension Of The Reality

Poem By Genova Maaa my mother

Reality may be apprehended
in either transcendent
or immanent, positive
or negative terms.

It is both near and far.
For some mystics that which
is far, is easier for them to find.

To a certain type of mind
the veritable practice of
the presence of God
is not the intimate
and adorable companionship
of the inward light,
but the awestruck contemplation
of the Absolute source
and origin of all that is.

Comments about Apprehension Of The Reality

Very very true....highly a meaningful work on a thoughtful concept....thanks for sharing
The actuality of real life may be understood as a mystical or fundamental, positive or negative phase. It may be near or far away and for some spiritualists that which is far away is more effortless for them to find. To certain mystics absolute practice of the presence of the divine is not the intimate, adoring company of the inner light, but the overwhelming observation of the Absolute sourced and source of all that is. A beautiful spiritual gem which gives the reader a concept of how the mystic views reality in relation to mystical love. Lovely work! Thank you for sharing, dearest Tonyyyyy...

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