Any child may like and want to be free
To dream for future under tree
Imagine for ripe fruit at will
But that remains illusion still

When they have developed skill!
They will want it to be used as drill
Show it to world that they are capable
Of delivering it despite great struggle

Parent can never be unreasonable
They will always think of you making comfortable
Sometimes child uses emotional tactic
That bars her or his development and makes it static

Nowadays, the parents are worried over molestation
Short sighted goal and concentration on illicit relation
Neglect on studies and show on dresses
Such things compel parents to make choice

No parent want that their children are controlled
Unnecessarily restricted and their progress stalled
But recent surge in violence makes them apprehensive
The new generation sometimes revolt and become offensive

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Many of us will relate to the sentiments behind this poem. Alan Graham2 hours ago Expresses the dilemma of all parents well but try to keep your rhyming going right to the end.
Very well done. Meena Somasundaram14 minutes ago As is always rhymes come to you naturally. Comment +1 i like it Helen Setta 13 minutes ago To dream for future under tree... Comment +1
Nice Custard Cube14 minutes ago Nice
Any child may like and want to be free To dream for future under tree