(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Appropriately Ignored

Reluctant to express a heartfelt passion.
In fear their admissions,
Will be discussed in private whispers.
And yet accepting to be upset by anguish.
With doubts kept to themselves.
But wanting their wishes they have to be delivered.

Although those outspoken and known to be fearless,
And demanding what it is they want and undaunted...
Are said to offend those who would rather keep their desires,
Pretentious and presented in false identities...
To impress and appease,
Those they address with the best of kept etiquette to please.

'Had I known those loud mouthed creatures would be at 'this' event,
I would not have attended.'

~And had you not attended,
You would not have reaped...
A single benefit from their getting attention.
Someone has to listen to comments like theirs mentioned.
What were you waiting for?
A solicitation of an appointment to you given?
To then be appropriately ignored while instructed to go fetch a cocktail? ~

'At least in the doing I would have remained,
Pleasant, respectful and dignified.'

Ignored to be forgotten as one charading an imitation.
And while you are being pleasant, respectful and dignified,
Fetch me a rum and coke.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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