(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

All From A Snap Shot

She sits there quietly; trying to focus, through her tear filled eyes.
Memories through photography;
Looking at dreams that came true;
All from a snap shot, of her and you.

She sits there confused; trapped in the past; but reaching for the future.
Your eyes pierce her heart, she can’t breathe;
She is drowning in her own grief;
All from a snap shot, of painful memories.

She sits there sadly; knowing she must let you go, her heart’s broken.
Looking at the picture, filled with love;
A love so pure, a gift from above;
All from a snap shot, she feels your love.

She sits there hoping; yet knowing, true love can never come twice.
The picture she holds, against her heart;
That life is gone, a new life to start;
All from a snap shot, it is time to part.

Debbie Ward Casey
Submitted: Saturday, May 26,2007

by Debbie Casey

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