(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Approved And Accepted

Once disrespect is shown.
Approved and accepted.
To have its appearance known.
Everyone gets involved in the act.

Filthy becomes the tongues.
Streets are spit upon and trashed.
Rude and nasty attitudes are normalized.
Lies to tell become as common,
As bees, birds and heard alibis.
Parents defend their school age children.
Preachers from pulpits leech.
Neighbors express,
They could care less about each other.
And yet,
Together united they gather to protest.
Against what they have allowed.
To do to themselves.
With it expected and to demand,
A better quality of life.
Gone unrecognized.
When it was theirs to have.
But neglected to expect,
The keeping it identified as quality...
Was theirs to do.
With effective effort.
Maintained to keep endeavored.

Success to have it,
Takes work.
And elbow grease to achieve.
With it impossible to do,
Munching on snacks and watching TV.
To perceive super heros,
Will arrive at their doors.
Prepared to receive,
A list of their wishes.
And untouched to do chores.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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