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Approved With An Abundance Of Love
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Approved With An Abundance Of Love

If there could be one thing I'd want...
I would wish for love,
To come with benefits!

I would not sit and become one's charity case!
Not me.
I wouldn't think of it!
I could not rest with those selfish thoughts!

I 'would' make sure I was thought of,
On a daily basis...
As a 'foundation' accepting donations!
Approved with an abundance of love,
I would joyfully dispense!
In an arrangement,
Of an exchanged expense!

Knowing someone has given...
And I have happily received!

AND that's not being selfish at all!
That is being blissfully prepared and ready,
To release a satisfying peace!

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beautifully expressed............and not selfish at all, as we get older it would be nice to be thought of and remembered fondly.