No More Sorrow

Born into a dark night village
Crawl disgustingly around the wood
Flame glowing with annoyance
Bowed by pained face of cruel looks
Swings back, front, sideways
No laughter but doom weather
Hopelessness after others before

Questions abound in grim faces
Will this be different or more of the same?
Kids run around innocently in frenzy welcome
Into their world of despair and pain
Laughter for the sake of hopelessness
Big brother arrives and name attractive
‘Been to' ‘go bring am hope' the mother wimps

Papa and mama wonder about ‘morrow
Hopelessness must be conquered
No more pain, no more sorrow
School three miles in crushing sun
‘Gari' and groundnut in pockets
Danger lurking in the corner
But the storm inspires for ‘morrow

The journey seems long but hope not far
When all rewind from the past of yore
Triggered by that which was said of old
Hope replaces despair and bitter, sweet
It wont be long my brother
Try hard folk and don't miss the price
The pain is deep but the gain is here.

by Dr. Emmanuel Moore Abolo

Comments (3)

Yet the back-yards are bare and brown With only one unchanging tree- I could not be so sure of Spring Save that it sings in me. excellent expression...
What is tritter? Not meaning to be rude but I am trying to explain for class and was wondering if it was a mistype or has a meaning I cannot find. Thanks,
Very to the point, and yet a little mystery...