(29.07.1959. / Tbilisi)

' April

Puzzling dialogues grow facile,
April is a month of dates,
The cherry-plum blossoms in April,
And for the love it happily waits.

The maiden has a date in April,
Her heart is full of adoration…
O spring! Just you hold me back,
Or else, I’d have left the Creation.

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April is a month of dates. Beautiful poem.
I read in June but feel some April cherries' memories with me now :) Nice write...i wonder how strong Summer in Georgia hold you back to April...Maybe u need write 'August'..lol Joking. Like it_Unwritten SOul
A poem with assorted taste…
mmmmmm....that's smell good........spring
Tsira, well done: good rhymes and nice words. Let alone, this month is very special because of 1st April. Any time I meet the word 'April', I remember I haven't finished my poem about an April fool. Sorry, but i don't know when it'll happen. Konstantin.
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