(1858-1935 / England)

The Sun

Oh ye the sun
Why have you been stubborn like son
Consistent in gazing at ground
Endlessly waxing around the town
The ground is as though as husk
But you never consider the gross of dust

Why have you always unleashed your anger
Treating your people as though we are stranger
Have you forgotten your mandate to the man on earth
To the extent of being a straw to uproar his thirst

Oh the sun when will you dismount from us
Thy wicked eyes of drought and blocks
Thy hotness of thy eyes is severe to man
And the warmness of thy time has defied the land

You cool a hand with liquor
But beat a man to stupor
Your good works are never rejected
But your hook ones are ever dejected

You dread not the men
And you fear not the rain
Punching out the rays to the cloud
And mulching out the blaze to the crowd

A pregnant woman you spare not
Not even a new baby you spare wrath
You make a giant a lazy man
And rename a Goliath a baby man

Oh the sun when shall ye retreat
And remove thy bricks along the street
The calves of men are now like blades
Crushing the earth as ruin abrades

Our body is now at stake
Just as our colour is now mistake
Your dryness is never to quench the quake
But to bring the earth to thirst and quake

Oh thy sun I beseech thee to leave the earth alone
Your mandate to man is to bring the earth to growth 
And not to bring the earth a groan
verily we appeal thee the sun
Dismount thy host from men and go

© Izunna I. Okafor 2017

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Beautifully envisioned short and sweet poem about the advent of spring and april. Thanks for sharing.
Another poet once said April is the Cruelest Month, but I don't see it when reading this. Its a season of tears and laughter, a lovely work.
Oh, my goodness! Isn't this a lovely write! ! ! ! Love the girlish laughter echoing through it and even the sweet girlish tears- - Spring is such a delightful season, the youngest child of the year
From 'girlish' to 'golden' - love that has stayed fresh through the passage of many years? This is a sweet sentimental poem.
Short and sweet poet about april. Nice.
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