Two Elderly Ladies

Sitting under some Mdoni trees awaiting lunch when,
Out of the corner of my eye
I saw two elderly Ladies approach
Who glanced around……paused, and sat nearby…..

They were no longer lithe, straight or supple
And, sitting, fearing a fall perhaps, was careful
But, being true Ladies…..artful and sublime
sitting was feminine, sure and graceful

As they talked their eyes grew bright!
At times they would giggle…. Like young girls
In conspiratorial delight

They bore grace and elegance once associated with generations gone…
The more they smiled the more their youthful beauty shone
That youthful splendor became a glow!
and in their faces warmly grew
An echo back to their Halcyon days
In a world of refinement that flourished strong and true

Mick Lines
31st October 2009

by Mick Lines

Comments (4)

All the promise of April (spring) captured in a few evocative lines.
The freshness of your poem reiterates that of April. I always wait patiently for that month, heralding warmth and flowers.
I wish I could write like you. Short but sweet and perfect.
You captured April so completely. A very long time ago, I used to delight in running barefooted through the dewy grasses...and here, in Canada, I have a clump of cowslips that I guard with my life, for signs of spring. We have to wait until May for that. (By the way, I hope you won't mind my mentioning there was a typo in the poem re autumn ('to' with one 'o' instead of two.)