TTO ( / Washington State)

~april Fool~

April flipped herself in
Like a brand new paragraph
For i'd left off in March
And winter 'twas still the subject matter

The frost all but got me
Hypothermia of feelings
Once felt
Like coming into a heated June
My feelings they began to melt

But April flipped me in
Much like an April Fool
Vunerable and needy
Forgetful of what i had
Learned in school

And so another paragraph
Was formed
Along with the rain you did bring
Remind me-Mother Earth-
If you will
That not all flowers bloom
In the Spring

Aware that the showers
Are supposed to bring
Some Flowers that bloom in May
But ne'er prepared for
Story-tellers with eloquent words
That ne'er mean what they say

The flowers that later bloom
With brillance-aroma and Light
Take out the chill and hold on me still
During a most troubling dark of night

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Comments (6)

Thank you Dorothy and Bernie, Your words mean ever so much to me! Blessings, Theo
Theo, You are so powerfull with words and thought! Love your poetry! Dorothy Now I must journey to more of your pages...
very nice again Theo, the opening on this was great, draws the reader in. -Bernie
Great work Theodora...'April flipped herself in like a brand new paragraph' was a great jump start and 'Take out the chill and hold on me still during a most troubling dark of night' was a memorable finish! In between, I liked the vivid descriptions and your craft! Top marks! -Michael
I love this poem Theodora, I like the flow of it, the rhyme is fabulous, it generates a peaceful feeling. It's just an all around great poem Theodora, thanks for writing this-Melvina-
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