LMG (July 12,1952 / New York City)

April Fool's Trick Haiku

The Arachnid says

'Come into my parlor now

little fly.Dinner! '

At Midnight I looked

outside my window and yelled

'It's snowing! '.Nature laughed.

A Wizard appeared

in my dreams handing me a

Worm.Call home today!

April foolery

and hilarity is fun

the joke is on you

I tried to submit

the first haiku on today's

contest.No avail.

April Fool is lasting

much longer than one day as

Nature and we laugh

Laughter is the best

medicine of which nothing

Can escape its mood

Loki shapeshifting

moods from dark scowl to laughter

April's foolish pranks

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Grins...oh, i agree with the lot down below. I think the wizard one is my personal favourite. and John Tiong Chunghoo's there isn't one to ignore, either.
A very interesting Haiku string. The first and last are my favourites. Irene
Fun. I love a good prank for April 1st. I have one, 'Haiku Errors', that seems relevant and you might enjoy. -chuck
i love your haikus lorraine here is mine; april fool's day he asks if he has really been fooled
Nice poem constructed on the basis of the haiku. Alone from time to time I am writing so, all the more for me like. The haiku is teaching saving and he is eliminating the excess of unnecessary words. It is necessary to put into this minimal form as the most contents, to capture the meaning and the time, in which something is happening. It contrary to appearances isn't simple. For you oneself that's all is pretending. You prefer principle 5 - 7 - 5 what in the haiku the primary importance has and is a great impediment. Very much I like him. (10 v.) . I am greeting and I thank you :) Maria Barbara Korynt
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