April In Mushera

I felled pine trees by Mushera Mountain quite close to two decades ago
In weather that was wet and windy and often cold enough to snow
With Dan Joe Kelleher, Eoin Connors and Gene Buckley I wonder where they might be today
Do they still live in Aubane Valley or from there do they live far away?

Late Winter and early Spring by the mountain were cold days but in early April the temperatures rose by a few degrees
And greenery returned to the deciduous trees and the hedgerows and Spring warmth was in the mountain breeze
And wildflowers in their myriads were blooming on the grassy banks of the old rill
That babbled it's way to the river down through the high fields by the hill.

The woodcock was back on the mountain for to breed on his old homeground
And in the high fields bordering the forest the flowers of Nature did abound
Buttercups dandelions and daisies and on the ditch by the hedgerow
Wild primroses, bluebells and snowdrops as white as the new fallen snow.

The swallows had returned to Mushera above the old fields they did fly
And the skylark he could be heard carolling a tiny speck in the gray sky
And the cooing of the bashful wood pigeons they built their nest of sticks high on the trees
The past it may be gone forever but we don't lose our old memories.

I felled pine trees by Mushera Mountain quite close to two decades ago
The hill and the high fields at his feet I often see covered in snow
But Spring with her brought her green and nesting songbirds did whistle and sing
And wildflowers were blooming in their billions the workings of Nature is a magical thing.

by Francis Duggan

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