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April In The Arctic (April 8,2016)

April's Arctic gusting blasts
Are beating ‘gainst the walls;
Not signalling springtime forecasts,
But dismal wintry squalls.

No April showers bless this land,
New life to reaffirm
By bringing May-time flowers grand,
While winter's grip is firm.

In other climes great poets muse
Upon the joys of Spring
When April's budding floral hues
Casts out the icy sting.

But here, alas, a layered crust
Of unrelenting white
Defies a new life's upward thrust
Towards the warm sunlight.

No, here in Northern Arctic zones
We wait with baited breath
As fast returning sun atones
For winter's reign of death.

April leaves snow undisturbed
For one more weary month.
Until its layers are perturbed
By May's unyielding warmth.

by Moira Cameron

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Know what you mean Moira.Although, the sun is out today and I might get the grass cut this afternoon. very well written poem. danny