April Is Finally Here

Poem By Ehis Osagiede

Its a beginning of a new season
April is finally here.
The dusts have rescinded.
The dry leaves in disarray.
The earth is caving in,
As water finds its way.

I see nature is glad
Yes indeed, nature is so glad
As the greens sway from side to side,
The heavens splatter.
The freshness it exudes.
The serenity it brings forth.

The dominant one be not as glad.
He whines on his many travails.
He toils the full circle for the vanities.
There is never a letting down,
He has a race,
The universe must not wait.

April is here again,
Indeed nature is glad,
It gives no care,
It toils not.
It travails not.
Indeed, nature is glad.

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A good start from spring. Thanks

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