April Music

I'd like to spend
April, sitting on a hill,
With a mushroom for
a parasol and violets

by s./j. goldner Click to read full poem

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A really colourful write, enjoyed
Daintily beautiful - and comical - sentiments. Liked a lot.
Lovely poem, this is the season...
I've been looking for a good 'springtime' poem. It puts a smile on your face, imagining the serene situation. Garden of Eden-esque.
What a nice poem. It's so touching! You obviously set your standards pretty high from the very start Susan Jane! ! !
Excellent imagery. I just loved the mushrooms for a parasol. The poem was music and I love it. Karin Anderson
I really like this poem. Wonderfully written; and nature is my favorite topic.
Golden cords playing music, among blossoms and call us to dance. Splendid imagery of April (heart of the Spring) . Golden cords shining under the sun of poetry! I give 10+ to amazing Susan of 9 years old! ! Thanks dearest Susan. Joseph Josephides
'Flowers with green silk stockings'This is my favorite poem! ! ! Wish I were there now! ! Now has flowing words with wonderful imagiry! ! ! 10! !
April Music filled my eyes and ears.....really beautiful...
I liked this poem because it had April in it's title, and I could greatly appreciate how the music provided a comparison to nature. I thought this was nice and surrealistic.
I like that.............................................................
I adore this piece! I love the images in my mind right now, like I'm Alice and I flipped into the rabbit hole. Such wonderful descriptions, and what an ache I have for spring at the moment! Truly great, missy!
Beautiful - I love the lilt; I love the imagery; I love the interwoven message. Take care
Your imagery is amazing! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Awesome job... the pictures you painted danced before my eyes and made me smile. I loved this! 10! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Keep up the great work. :) Shannon
MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm. I close my eyes and wish for april. Wonderful and vivid.
Beautiful. You take the ordinary and change it into the extraordinary.
This was simply adorable. I loved it!
Shall we meet in Portugal? Shall I bring the sonnets or shall thee? Perhaps we'll make them up together by the sea.
well somehow I missed this one in my previous tromps through your pages...and so, belatedly, it is a perfect study in meter control. love the innocent message and carefree feel. superbly divine. -Tailor