Twelve Years

The line
that remained, that
became true: . . . your
house in Paris -- become
the alterpiece of your hands.

Breathed through thrice,
shone through thrice.

It's turning dumb, turning deaf
behind our eyes.
I see the poison flower
in all manner of words and shapes.

Go. Come.
Love blots out its name: to
you it ascribes itself.

translated by Michael Hamburger

by Paul Celan

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Now that the spring is here? nice and profundly poem
Would you not be in Tryon Now that the spring is here, When mocking-birds are praising The fresh, the blossomy year? - ITALIAN TRANSLATION: Non vorreste essere in Tryon Ora che la primavera è qui, Quando i tordi lodano Il nuovo, l'anno fiorito?
..........a beautiful tribute of april in north carolina....april is such a magical time of year...
it may sound corny but this poem is magical. yur words paint out such a vivid picture in my mind. yur very inspirational.
This is beautiful. Iam also a publihsed poetry author of nature poems and I really can identify with Harrette. She was brilliant!
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