April Revolt The Victorious Defeat

Triumphant red wind has blown and knocked it at the Bay of Bengal
April new year has slept for a new dream to break the old dawn
Shadow of Russian, Chinese and Cuban model they applied
Honesty courage withered of filled up in younger heavy hearts

Aborted justice in the womb of revolt hangs on the sky
Rainy dark clouds´ eyes weep for left down free will
Heart to heart secret whispers from the graves summon
Split heritage a broken glass spread in a deep sigh

Narratives, memories, betrayals and critics remained
Voices raised and consented message behind emerges
Buried history gets up having a Coral flower at left hand
The song of cuckoo inner melody top of trees embraces

A tribute to the memorandum of Sri Lankan Uprising in 1971 April

by Udaya R. Tennakoon

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