April Washed.

Poem By Fay Slimm

March gone, I return April washed, ready
For writing once more, my exciting dreams
Needing a pen nudge me, with steady
Muse again daily, poetic scheming
Of verse is now a prime motive, romantic
New thoughts jostle for space as they line up
For lines. Gyrating inside pedanticly,
Metres emerge as desire becomes sated
And verses are birthed. So friends I appear
Among you again refreshed and rested,
Heart full of thanks for your care, I feel clear
And eager to write, - at least, trying my best.

Comments about April Washed.

You sound ready indeed... Speaking my mind through your lines... always here to hear you speak through your keyboard!
Your lovely poem touches close to home. I have been more or less pried away from writing poetry by work (a good thing) and bad politics associated with work (a decidedly bad thing.) I look forward to reading your new creations.
Fay, glad your back, just keep on writing wonderful poetry like this one. It must be spring. Warm regards Bob 10/10
fay...you have such a wonderful following and all such talented writers, I hardly need to say 'welcome back' but...I say it anyway. Welcome back.
Great to have you back. I am on the merry-go-round again of my favorite pastime. I have a couple of new poems. A Poet's Poetical Love is written for a poet here who calls me Grannie. It appears his Grannie died, so I would love to hear your comments. Thanks Fay love Karin Anderson

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