Will you glimmer on the sea?
Will you fling your spear-head
On the shore?
What note shall we pitch?

We have a song,
On the bank we share our arrows—
The loosed string tells our note:

O flight,
Bring her swiftly to our song.
She is great,
We measure her by the pine-trees.

by Hilda Doolittle

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Appu, young brother remembers his elder sister long after she is gone to her father in laws house across border.With teary eyes he reminiscences the the fond memories.A child is ignorant of the purpose of marriage and strongly distaste the fact that his elder sister left him because of her husband and father -in -laws house.The poet expresses the feeling of a child through child's perspective.But the child will mature and know this is life.Sister has to go to her husband, and there her happiness lies.
I read this poem first now need to read Bharati Nayak's poem. Still the poem is wonderful that it expresses a young brothers loneliness and longing to see his married sister back in his house as he misses her.