Eagles Are To Be Or Not To Be

Eagles commit suicide, but Not out of despair or out of A failed love, but This is the way they end, They are the pretty occupants of The high skies where They prevail until They die their way, They beget new eagles To be or not to be, They're hovering endlessly up In the skies to be there And watch from tops only, so They are always pretty eagles, They never give up, even by some way, hit or beaten, Their names are brands, so They stay eagles even after they commit suicide because they were born strong and bold.


Comments (8)

Wonderful to read all these lovely poems sgain. Thank you.
If a poem can take you to an imaginary dream world this poem very well does that.
In my heart, when out of dreams, thank you for sharing the poem with us
a poem that posses hypnotic images of a far off distant land? wonderfully written.
Her loveliness to me.... thanks for posting....
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