Arabian Sacrifice

Melting yellow sun
pale surviving camels
no where or way to run
deserts full of symbols and temples

you look at me although its forbidden
you know the risk is high
you realize your committing a sin
yet you beg me to meet you or claim to die

I don’t mind, knowing the consequence
eyes lay upon us and watch so accurately
we speak by eye contact we leave no evidence
everything seems to work out correctly

Then we no longer manage to hide
we realize anything is easier then separation
we are hurting and burning inside
we suffer gradually of desperation

we appear together for the first time
some look at us with envy and jealousy
some despise us and count it a crime
Then send us to his majesty

we try to explain we shout we cry
with no justification he simply rejects
we beg we bend on our knees we try
with his cold words he loadly objects

he threatens our lives as we leave forever
puddles of blood fill up the empty smooth ground
if we cant live together then we shall die together
that’s the last they said before killed with no sound

by Ayesha Sartawi

Comments (3)

nice lines....strong and emotive :) sat
i understand. you have created a very beautiful poem which reflects your culture. thank you very much.
I think you have enormous talent. Don't let yourself be silenced!