Cease Smilng, Dear! A Little While Be Sad

Cease smiling, Dear! a little while be sad,
Here in the silence, under the wan moon;
Sweet are thine eyes, but how can I be glad,
Knowing they change so soon?

For Love's sake, Dear, be silent! Cover me
In the deep darkness of thy falling hair:
Fear is upon me and the memory
Of what is all men's share.

O could this moment be perpetuate!
Must we grow old, and leaden-eyed and gray,
And taste no more the wild and passionate
Love sorrows of to-day?

Grown old, and faded, Sweet! and past desire,
Let memory die, lest there be too much ruth,
Remembering the old, extinguished fire
Of our divine, lost youth.

O red pomegranate of thy perfect mouth!
My lips' life-fruitage, might I taste and die
Here in thy garden, where the scented south
Wind chastens agony;

Reap death from thy live lips in one long kiss,
And look my last into thine eyes and rest:
What sweets had life to me sweeter than this
Swift dying on thy breast?

Or, if that may not be, for Love's sake, Dear!
Keep silence still, and dream that we shall lie,
Red mouth to mouth, entwined, and always hear
The south wind's melody,

Here in thy garden, through the sighing boughs,
Beyond the reach of time and chance and change,
And bitter life and death, and broken vows,
That sadden and estrange.

by Ernest Christopher Dowson

Comments (4)

I enjoyed this expression of your feelings on a very important topic. I am sure that all mothers applaud your words. We all, regardless of nationality, just want a world where we can live in peace with our children. Love, Irene
Aisha, great ending to a great poem. The enemy within is the most destructive of all. A wonderful poem filled with wisdom and hope... well done! ! Brian
i like this exploration of the issues and the longing behind your words. Tim
A fine message, a lovely write. Alas, alas if one man were solely to blame.. Yeats, in 'Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen' mourned, O what fine thought we had, because we thought That the worst rogues and rascals had died out. .....Now days are dragon-ridden, the nightmare rides upon sleep..... The poem is one of my favorites, I had it memorized at one time, and still know most of it by heart.