This rhyme is about a great man.
He is the best!!
He doesn't speak English.
He speaks Aramaic.
Near the "Sea of Galilee" is where they conjugated.
And with his apostles by his side, each corroborated. Now Jesus is the man, not an automation.
He appeased the world, and never used again.
He is a connoisseur, he's not bourgeoisie.
Not an aristocrat.
He speaks Aramaic. Now the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.
He's greater than an eagle, smoother than a dove.
He's sweeter than the sweetest bouquet.
And when you are down and out He'll make your day.
One day when I was down, had lost all hope.
Someone told me that a man named Jesus
was "dope."
He'll ease your mind, he's one of a kind.
Not a baritone, he had to live alone.
But now that I know him, I've learned to love him.
He's so acute, in my boudoir on my knees
I stoop. This rhyme is about a man
Not an aristocrat
He didn't speak English.
He spoke Aramaic.
He's not bourgeoisie.
Doesn't think he's all that!
Didn't use Ebonics.
He spoke Aramaic.

by Minnie Castro

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