Being A Researcher...

It's about thinking of everything under the sun,
Being a researcher is so much fun
It's when you know that a+b≠c
But yet you need to figure out 'z'
It's when you see colors in broad daylight
And fuse them all to see just white
It's about changing radii and finding focii
Comprehending how to defend your alibi
It's seeing beyond the dark at night
And beyond the sun in viscous foresight
It's not just knowing how to play the game
But guessing the rules are never the same
It's about holding fast to what you believe
Calculating back to vet and perceive
To go forth, and back and forth, and back
Embodying minds; growing wings you'd lacked
Flying back to where it all had begun
For being a researcher, is nothing but fun!

by Rosmin Elsa Mohan

Comments (10)

great poem! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us! 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
A lighter touch from Milton, he also famously wrote Comus, A Mask for the earl of Bridgwater, which is similar in themes to Arcades. You have to admire the elegance of his writing, his knowledge of theology and classic mythology is second to none, no one will ever write like this again.
I envy the age when puissant was a word ready at hand to gloss off a line. The masterpieces will never die, we will just become too dull to perceive their light. A fine morning for a jaunt through Arcadia. Congratulations, John, on being chosen Poet of the Day. Keep up the good work! ;)
Marvelous style with equally marvelous narration of the classic gives a great joy to read. Thanks for sharing it here.
Deeply learned in mythologies, and classical literatures of Latin and Greek, John Milton's poems are ever a great task with just one reading of the poem ever!
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