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Archaeology - We Dig It!

Poem By Warren Atherton

So deep amidst the dunes of sand
One ghostly soul with map in hand
Did come upon 'his' ancient land,
A treasure trove of contraband!

'These maps with signs, such damned delay! '
Mused he, squat thinking on the day.
Without a notion none could say,
That underfoot a kingdom lay....

..Across the Nile towards the great yonder
Sailed a boat. Laden with such wonder
She anchored afoot the excavation,
Where a chamber made for exultation
Lay open to the Pharoah.

Sarcophagus of gleaming gold,
Hieroglyphics of his life foretold
And files of men and infants bold,
Sweat buckets, toiled, to bear the load.

And in the rear the 'Royal' line
With artifacts of jewelled design,
Followed down the labrynth mine-
One way in, to Pharoah's shrine.

Papyrus baskets full of bread and
Jars of wine to wait the dead.
The Sun that blazed its' mighty head
Then rose up from its' eastern bed
To sail the Pharoah through its' light,
A star becoming was his right.

His constellation guards the night...

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