'' We Are Destroying The Planet Earth ''

Draw a nail from the wood,
You weaken the frame,
The wind won't be withstood,
Because it's structure you maim.

By melting the ice caps,
The worlds oceans will rise?
Then the land will collapse,
Right in front of our eyes.

Take out oil and coal,
Soon there's nothing left,
But a very large hole,
Of brains we're bereft.

Take the fish from the seas,
They'll become extinct,
Destroy the rainforest trees,
With disaster we're linked.

Forests being destroyed,
Which give us life,
Of intelligence we're devoid,
We live to cause strife.

Choosing money over matter,
Is totally insane,
While our planet we batter,
From responsibility we abstain.

Nuclear ideology's misplaced,
It will all end in tears,
The obscene deadly waste,
Pollutes for thousands of years.

Our Problem is now we've went to far,
Mother Nature we cannot withstand,
Human behaviour is frankly bizarre,
On Earth she's in total command.

Our demise has begun now we can't go back,
Our mistakes are coming home to berth,
It's the human race that's now under attack,

‘' We Are Destroying The Planet Earth ‘'

by Bri Mar

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