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Archie Roach's Countryside
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Archie Roach's Countryside

Poem By Francis Duggan

Killarney in Victoria Archie Roach's countryside
Where he lived with his beloved Ruby Hunter till in her fifties she died
And left him to grieve for her in their home by the sea
How sad very sad life for him has to be

The pride of his race and his indigenous clan
The passage of time and poor health has stripped him of some of elan
But the great gifts of music, song and poetry with him does remain
And good to know the gifts he was born with are his to retain

Till he breathes his last though his words and music will live on
Long after the memory of the existence of most from human history has gone
His memorable words will take people down memory's fading track
And the ghosts of the tribes of the lost children he sung about will keep coming back

To their spiritual homes in this great land of the south
The children that Archie Roach does sing about
By the Government taken from their parents child stealing a crime
Sad memories live on through the passage of time

Of Australia's great singer songwriters one who remains to the fore
For Archie there has been many an encore
Far beyond Australia's shores he is famed Worldwide
And he lives in Killarney in Victoria his beloved countryside.

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