Focusing Memories And Visions

Joining melodies as they're playing, tones and sounds now
exhilarating intensely with their rhythmic vibrations,
following their patterns through measures of music.

Gathering meaning and intensity while focusing on memories,
feelings, emotions and details that continue to flow in a
never-ending pathway towards destiny.

One day ending on a last sunsetical shore far from this
earth, a beautiful sunset honoring a life after all breath
has been taken from this now lifeless body.

Expressions of an entire life all left behind in poetry
throughout the years on pages of poetry journals, left in
annals of time for the world to see.

Hopefully some will be inspired to do good, bringing peace
to the world and an ending of poverty forever just like in
the visions continually seen in this life.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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good one. enjoyed it.