BCF ((May 13th,1988- / New York)

Ardent Tongue

My Ardent tongue atones the weeks I left her alone
I claim home in the proximity of her pelvis bone
She just moans
Her thighs panic as I rise to a view panoramic
She tingles unable to stand it
I let out a smile as if I planned this
Her lips are still kissable
Oral sex not yet permissable
Your jacking my commas off
Running sentences of passion down my spyne
Lites Out Time is off
Ur Foreva Myne
I'm developing polaroid pictures in ya mind
Never forget the lover who embeds visions one of a kind
I'll Rewire all ya short circuits
No more chest pains or hurting
Dedicate the time & put the work in
Dont ask why
Cause Babigirl ya worth it

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