Are Adam And Eve For To Blame

Federal law does restrict us from enjoying natural fun
In public you cannot go for a walk in the nude on a nice day of sun
Since your private parts in public you are forbidden to display
To live as natural is forbidden in the Human World of today

We are still paying for the sins of Adam and Eve
Since of their existence many seem to believe
Certain parts of your body from public view must be hidden away
For the sins of Adam and Eve this the price we must pay

In most Countries nudity is a jailable offense
Yet us humans are born without clothes of this try to make sense
All humans parts considered to be private look similar in this nothing new
But the law states at all times they must be hidden from view

Walking in public in the nude is a jailable crime
And for this one in prison would have to serve time
Babies are born without clothes in this there is no shame
For the governments bans on nudity are Adam and eve for to blame?

by Francis Duggan

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